Specialized IT Hosting for Retailers Everywhere

IT needs can often translate as a big bill with a daunting total. Meeting PCI compliance standards, peak operating times, security and high availability are just a few of the hurdles retailers are facing. We get it. The retail industry requires special attention to so many different things:

  • Fully redundant infrastructure architecture that meets PCI compliance requirements.

  • High availability, circuit structure and WAN acceleration redundancy to ensure production is not impacted.

  • Testing, patching and upgrades that exude convenience for you and your clients.

  • Flexible infrastructure that ensures ease for planning, implementation, testing and deployment.

  • Implement virtualization and cloud capabilities to eliminate hardware costs and WAN acceleration.

Our services outperform our hosting competitors. Experience a platform that goes the extra mile.

  • Our services are PCI compliant.

  • Our experts offer guidance for our clients who are navigating additional compliance audits. Simply request a sample audit assistance outline.

  • We design our price point strategy to be as reasonable as possible. Each client pays based on total usage. This structure is intended to be flexible so you can easily plan for peak seasons.

  • Tier IV data with continued audits and compliance for PCI, HIPAA and SAS70 Type II.

The responsibility of finances can be overwhelming to say the least. From power to security and management, consider requesting our specialized management hosting solution, a resource from us to you that is specifically tailored to your business.

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