A Behavioral Health Group Saves More Than 30% on Their IT Budget by Partnering with RDI

A multistate behavioral health group was experiencing significant vendor invoicing and poor service for outsourced phone and IT services.  Locations were also experiencing telehealth concerns exacerbated by the increased demand for services.  Questions existed with the Management team regarding true needs and capacity in addition to best contracting and pricing options for client locations. The...Continue reading

RDI Healthcare COVID-19

Post COVID-19 Healthcare Forecast

Pre-COVID-19 healthcare forecasts for 2020 predicted continued regulatory changes to our healthcare that included modifications in prescription drug policies, expansion of Medicaid services, and increased debate of the Affordable Care Act. The Spring 2020 COVID-19 outbreak changed many of these priorities and will continue to do so for some time. So what predictions can healthcare...

RDI Implements Technology Solutions to Expand a Large Physician’s Partner Group’s Footprint

Technology Challenge In a competitive environment, a large physician’s partner group wanted to expand its footprint of Primary Care Doctors, Specialists, and long-term care facilities by taking advantage of Stark Law relaxation and technology. The objective was to create a “single EMR Record” environment where the patient’s transitions of care are managed between providers. Our...Continue reading

RDI Intuitive Technical - Telemedicine

Telemedicine: Here To Stay?

We have witnessed many changes during the COVID-19 outbreak; one of the most significant in the patient care environment is the rapid expansion of telemedicine services by providers and hospital entities. This expansion coupled with regulatory variances and waivers have allowed patients to maintain their healthcare needs with providers without potential exposure to the virus....Continue reading