RDIT knows that data security standards are a fundamental priority. As an essential to your business, we pride ourselves on offering a manager hosting provider that ensures this need. Take a look at our initiatives to enhance the payment industry through specialized IT hosting. 


We improve the way you:
  • Serve clients in way of PCI compliance and regulation updates, changes and auditing

  • Achieve productivity and manage peak fluctuations

  • Provide 24/7 service to your worldwide operations

Our systems:
  • Work adamantly to prevent glitches and eliminate overall downtime to ensure your infrastructure is readily available

  • Have the capability of adjusting to peak processing times to better serve your clients

  • Integrate virtualization and cloud offerings to eliminate equipment and management costs

  • Pass PCI audits by hosting your operating system within a secure Tier IV data center that is PCI certified

Why We’re Better Than Competitors:
  • To eliminate legwork in the tedious PCI process, we offer certification services that work diligently to ensure your audit and compliance process will be approved.

  • As members of the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA), we’re always in the know with industry trends and upcoming changes.

  • Our Command Center operates 24×7 for guaranteed assistance any time, any day.

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