Managed services are more than a single information technology expert tending to your computer issues every day. It means you can breathe easy knowing your data is being backed up constantly. If your system were to crash, your data, files, and passwords would be safe. With fully managed services from RDI, you have a ready and willing support team willing to identify, strategize, execute, and resolve any information technology issues you encounter.

Fully-managed services from RDI will be able to understand your technology solutions, provide exceptional cybersecurity maintenance, and monitor your IT infrastructure. Take proactive steps to ensure you bring the focus back to your business.

RDI provides your organization the comfort of knowing that we continuously perform preventative maintenance to keep your infrastructure efficient and secure.

We Offer Full Service in Connersville

With Managed Services in Connersville, you will receive:

  • Service Desk
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Remediation
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Services
  • Comprehensive IT Outsourcing
  • Vendor & Contract Management
  • Hosted VoIP
  • LAN & WAN Services
  • 24/7 Help Desk & IT Support Services
  • Virtual CIO & CISO Services
  • System Monitoring with Automated Remediation
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • Anti-Virus Products & Services
  • Network & Server Administration

Break/Fix technicians compared to a managed IT solution can be difficult. Your business may encounter issues including:

  • Server crashes with no response from your Connersville provider, and your support calls are being sent to a third-party center
  • Repair costs that are too high to pay your IT technician on a per-service basis
  • A lack of disaster recovery planning
  • Hard-to-reach IT partners that lack expertise and certification
  • Prices for regular security testing and cybersecurity monitoring
  • Consistent troubleshooting and long repair times
  • Technicians with slow, reactive approaches to IT maintenance

We’re Here To Help Your Business Thrive - Just Ask Our Clients

For years, RDI has been a leader in providing managed services in the Connersville area to businesses of all sizes. We provide our clients with the best expertise and experience in technology to keep their network systems and computers running at optimum performance. We help our clients overcome their most challenging issues in information technology.

Our expert professionals in Connersville are diverse and dedicated to serving you at an affordable price. Our technicians actively watch over your network and hardware at all hours of the day. Let the RDI professionals handle the optimization, security, and maintenance of your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your business.

Hard work and dedicated service still exist - just ask our clients.

Customer Testimonials


“Partnering with RDI has been one of the smartest and most strategic decisions we’ve made. Our goal was to rapidly expand our footprint throughout the state of Pennsylvania and Ohio and we needed a rock-solid support system and infrastructure to facilitate this growth. RDI has provided all of this to PHN. Technology is vital to our long-term success and having a trusted partner that provides “one stop shop” approach was very attractive to us. We look forward to many years of growth with RDI.” - Jennie Slabe, VP of Administrative Services, Primary Health Network

“RDI has serviced our IT needs for several years. We love them! We recently shared our concerns with RDI about our need to close office visits due to COVID-19. RDI came to our rescue (and over a weekend!) helping us to transition to a telehealth phone support program in just a couple days. They also worked with our billing company to ensure understanding of how to get paid quickly. Thanks RDI for assisting us in supporting our patient’s needs!” - Julie Eversole, Operations Manager, Lung Center of America

“RDI was a blessing during this project. It will be great to celebrate the successful completion of this work!”- COO, Mid-West Behavioral Health

“We love RDI! If they don’t provide the service, they will find the right resource.” - COO, Florida FQHC

“RDI has the ability to scale with us.” - CIO, Pennsylvania FQHC

“I wish I could use RDI for everything.” - North Carolina Pediatric Practice

We Make the IT Process Simple & Easy

Managed services cover all information technology-related aspects of your organization. The process involves RDI Engineers monitoring and managing your IT workstations and network infrastructure. Managed services ensure that an IT structure is in place while carrying out installations, checking systems, and providing additional IT support as needed. Managed services also troubleshoot and consult companies for their future courses of action within their IT infrastructure.

In modern organizations, managed services are essential. Managed services eliminate the necessity of an IT department. They level the playing field for smaller businesses that cannot afford their own IT department. A managed services business helps you remain competitive while reducing operational worker costs and boosting operational efficiency. Managed services simplify all operations to increase efficiency and performance.

RDI makes the IT process simple and easy in only five steps.

#1 Consultation/Initial Meeting

In the initial consultation, we build a relationship with your brand. We learn and understand your unique business goals, best practices, and potential challenges. We assess your existing system networks to identify any current weaknesses. Assessing potential problems helps mitigate future threats.

#2 Become a Client

Our service agreements are customized according to your organization’s needs. When you sign up for our services, all transactions are transparent. Any communications are open 24/7.

#3 Build Managed Services Strategy

We work and develop a structured plan to carry out installations, check systems, and provide 24/7 support as needed.

#4 Deploy

Our experts deploy the agreed IT strategy. We administer regular evaluations, adjusting as needed. Your organization can up-scale or down-scale services or solutions based on your changing needs or growth within the organization.

#5 Monitor/Improve

Our team follows best practices in managed IT services to consistently monitor your organization’s system and solutions for additional enhanced security.

Receive Managed IT Service & Support in Connersville Today

With managed services in Connersville from RDI, you get:

  • Certified and trained experts - All implementations are supported and supervised by our highly-trained professionals.
  • Always-on support - Our experts consistently monitor your system at all times, both day and night.
  • Uninterrupted business - Get access to fully managed systems.
  • Expert security maintenance - Your servers and systems are protected from data theft, intrusion, and network vulnerabilities.
  • Affordable costs - Receive professional expertise for an affordable price.

Do you have an IT emergency? Contact us today for immediate assistance.

Managed IT Services FAQs

Managed services are the delegation of responsibilities by businesses to an external company or third-party to facilitate operational efficiency. The service provider is an established specialist in their respective vocation. The business tasks the provider with a range of procedures and operations pertaining to offered services. The provider then helps maintain, monitor, and deliver support in the respective areas. They also anticipate and adapt to new technologies and trends.

Managed services are used when a third-party facilitates all IT-related aspects for a customer. A managed IT service uses remote monitoring to manage the customer’s IT workstations and IT network. Managed service providers (MSP) ensures the structure is in place, carries out installations, checks systems, and provides IT support wherever necessary. MSP offers troubleshooting and consultation to companies regarding available options and courses of action for their IT needs. Managing IT services is essential for eliminating unneeded IT departments.

Managed services are also crucial for modern companies. They level the playing field for smaller organizations that might not have a full staff of IT specialists in their budget. Managed services help businesses stay competitive while reducing operational and worker costs. As a result, facility operations are boosted.

The IT department facilitates marketing, sales, inventory, payroll, and other business aspects. Managed services help simplify these operations and boost efficiency.

Managed services mean that an external third-party firm administers all the company’s IT requirements. The work of an MSP depends on the services that your organization selects. Managed services can offer the following:
<li><strong><a href=""><strong>Managed cloud infrastructure</strong></a></strong><strong>. </strong>MSP facilitates and monitors the cloud network – many people have access to the company’s information simultaneously.</li>
<li><strong>Managed backup and recovery plan. </strong>Infrastructure information is stored offsite with the MSP and if needed, can be recovered in case of unexpected emergencies.</li>
<li><strong>Desktop as a service (DAAS). </strong>The customer’s processes are run from a virtual desktop hosted by the MSP’s cloud infrastructure.</li>
<li><strong>Managed communications. </strong>All the company’s communications such as calls, emails, messaging, file sharing, etc. are included.</li>
<li><strong>Managed security.</strong> Through its enforced security measures, a managed service provider protects a company’s IT infrastructure from threats such as viruses, malware, cyber-attacks, etc.</li>
<li><strong>Software as a service (SAAS). </strong>Managed IT services are the intermediary between a business and its developer. They ensure efficient software utilization.</li>
<li><strong>Managed networking and infrastructures. </strong>MSPs facilitate the storage, hosting, and maintenance of data for the customer’s network.</li>
<li><strong>Data analytics. </strong>The provider analyses the information gathered and counseled the business to attain optimal functioning.</li>
<li><strong>Managed support. </strong>Troubleshooting updates and remedial measures are provided.</li>
<li><strong>Managed website services.</strong></li>

With managed services, you have increased network and computing availability and enhanced employee production. Your remote network users can access data within the same network as your in-house employees. Storage and backup are all built into a centralized system.

The longer you work with managed service providers, the more your business will experience continuity. Information is guaranteed to be safe and secure across all network services and applications. Managed service providers offer IT support across the entire spectrum, from cloud computing and migration to complete infrastructure maintenance. Our managed services can bridge your business strategy with technology solutions. Managed service providers create solutions tailored to your business’ needs.

No matter your needs, RDI is here to help. Contact an RDI team member today to learn more about our managed services and what we can do to help your organization improve and succeed.

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