This partnership is designed to strengthen your business.

At RDIT, we believe in the value of personal service. Unlike our competitors, we prioritize authentic relationships that allow us to connect with our clients. Whether your needs boil down to service level agreements or naming conventions, you deserve a partner who tailors available services to your independent objectives.

Strategic vision. Innovative execution. That’s what world-class brands have come to expect from RDI-IT.

Project Management  

With a hand in all your most important to-do’s, your project manager will:

  • Serve as a single point of contact for implementation of all new or major projects

  • Provide a detailed timeline for the entirety of the project, complete with updates and deadlines

  • Manage progress of team to ensure the process aligns with the defined timeline

Command Center

Our Command Center is no ordinary service desk. We serve you better by:

  • Personally answering your calls 24×7, 365 days a year

  • Being readily available to answer all of your problem reporting and technical questions

  • Having the staff to assist with problem documentation and escalation, dedicated circuit provider interaction and hardware vendor interaction

Service Account Manager 

Rely on your service account manager to:

  • Serve as your single point of contact

  • Organize monthly Change Advisory Board Meetings

  • Assist with planning to ensure long-term growth

  • Coordinate tasks and resources within RDI’s Technology Solutions

Engineering Team 

A true extension of your IT operations, our engineering teams have:

  • The necessary certifications and experience to meet any of your needs

  • Knowledge of the systems you use, the infrastructure you have and the way you organize your business

  • The ability to provide you with recommendations, enhancements and efficiencies based on evolving technologies


And the cherry on top?

Everything we do is all backed by a check and balance system. This includes:

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Negotiated, approved and signed off by you, these documents are fully supported by RDIT and are some of the most efficient SLAs in the industry.

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Implement and follow critical IT practices and service delivery in daily business operations.

In the results of our Annual Client Survey, our clientele indicated a high-level of satisfaction. As business partners with RDIT, we value your opinion about our staff, products and service. This reflects our commitment to delivering the best service.

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